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Understanding the Process

SSEPConnect follows a simple and straightforward approach to process investment opportunity applications.

  • Submit a funding request

    An entrepreneur or business applies to present an investment opportunity to SSEPConnect’s community of Investor Members. This is accomplished by completing the SSEPConnect Application Form, including any additional information you wish to provide.

    Important Note:

    By submitting a Funding Request, you authorize SSEPConnect to distribute, by electronic or other means, all information you provide on this site to our Investor Members. Do not provide or upload any information you consider highly confidential or proprietary or that you would not want our Investor Members to see until after they have signed a non-disclosure or confidentiality agreement with you. If in doubt, seek advice from your lawyer before making a submission. SSEPConnect assumes no responsibility whatsoever for the provision of your information to our Investor Members.

  • Your request is reviewed

    SSEPConnect reviews your funding request. This review is for “investor readiness” only. We do not review the merit of your project at SSEPConnect — we leave that to our Investor Members.

    SSEPConnect reviews potential investment opportunities based on the following areas that may be of significant interest to Investor Members:

    • Management
    • Product
    • Market
    • Competition
    • Implementation Plan
    • Financial
    • Legal and Regulatory
    • Corporate (Company History, Mission)
    • Funds Required (including Uses of Funds)
    • Presentation Materials
    • Business Plan
  • Your request is posted

    If your application is considered “investor ready,” SSEPConnect will post your information in the Investor Members confidential, and password protected section of our website. SSEPConnect does not review deals for “best bets and we do not provide any comments on the deal. It is entirely up to our Investor Members to decide if they are interested in a potential deal.

    What if we decide your funding request isn’t ready yet?

    If the application is not considered “investor ready,” we will provide advice and referrals to the applicant. This is done to help applicants prepare deals that are ready for presentation at the investor level.

  • Introductions are made

    If an Investor Member is interested in the opportunity after reviewing the information, the next step would be to connect with the entrepreneur or business. SSEPConnect will provide the necessary contact information to allow the entrepreneur or business and investor to connect with each other.

  • Take it to the next level

    Investor Members wishing to move beyond this point are responsible for completing their own due diligence on the project and, if desired, negotiating a deal. The entrepreneur or business is responsible for working with the Investor Member during the due diligence phase and for ensuring they negotiate a fair deal for their business. The entrepreneur or business is also responsible to ensure the Investor Member qualifies under securities legislation to invest in the business.

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