Glossary of Terms

An explanation of some of the terms we use on this website

Angel Investor – a private investor (as opposed to a corporate investor or venture capital firm) who will consider investing in businesses, sometimes at an earlier stage than a venture capitalist.

Approved Funding Request – An application and supplemental information submitted by a Business Member and approved by the SSEPConnect Committee and posted for the SSEPConnect Investor Members to consider.

Business Member – An entrepreneur, partnership or company that has been approved as an SSEPConnect Business Member. Business Members can then submit Funding Requests.

Funding Request – An application and supplemental information submitted to SSEPConnect by a business for approval.

Investor Member – Individuals or companies interested in seeing investment opportunities posted on behalf of SSEPConnect Business Members. Investor Members must apply to become a member.

SSEPConnect Committee – A committee made up of representatives of the SSEP members. The committee manages the SSEPConnect process and is responsible for ensuring Funding Requests are “investor ready”. The committee also requires Investor Members to make certain declarations about their qualifications to invest, however, they do not validate those declarations

Southeast Saskatchewan Economic Partnership (SSEP) – a partnership of two Rural Municipalities and one Town in southeastern Saskatchewan. The partners collaborate to support and enhance the economic prosperity of the region.