Explore answers to frequently asked questions about this investment portal and how it all works

Why did SSEP create this SSEPConnect website?

SSEP is committed to growing the regions economy. Supporting new and expanding businesses is an important way to help our economy grow. Businesses create jobs, pay taxes, and help make our region a good place to live. Connecting businesses seeking investment with investors is but one-way SSEP is working to supporting the growth and prosperity of our region.

What is SSEPConnect?

SSEPConnect is the trade name we use for this website.

Why do you charge a fee?

SSEPConnect charges a modest fee to businesses to help us cover the administration costs of operating this website and the services we provide.

As an Investor Member, am I guaranteed a deal I can invest in?

No, you are only guaranteed being presented with investor-ready opportunities. Investor Members are expected to complete their own due diligence and decide whether the deal is right for them or not. SSEPConnect is simply a connector and facilitator.

As an entrepreneur or business, am I guaranteed an investment?

No, your application for funding must be “investor ready,” and suitable for presentation to SSEPConnect Investor Members. SSEPConnect will review your information and may provide coaching and feedback on how to enhance your information package. SSEPConnect must approve your submission before it will be shown to our Investor Members. Once approved, it will be posted, and it is then up to our individual Investor Members to decide whether your opportunity is of interest to them.

As an entrepreneur, will I get to meet SSEPConnect Investor Members?

Not necessarily. Our Investor Member contact list is confidential. However, if an Investor Member is interested in your investment opportunity and wants to connect, SSEPConnect will provide the necessary contact information to allow the entrepreneur or business and investor to connect with each other.

I don’t think my idea is “investor ready” yet. What should I do?

It is okay for your idea to be in its early stages. No matter what stage your business is in, SSEPConnect can help you connect to resources to help your opportunity become ready for presentation at the investor level.

What are “Investor Ready” opportunities?

There is a saying that you only get one chance to make a good first impression. That is especially true when connecting with investors. SSEPConnect wants to ensure companies can put their best foot forward and are ready to show their Funding Request to our Investor Members. If the SSEPConnect committee doesn’t feel your Funding Request is ready for presentation to our Investor Members, we will provide advice and coaching to help you improve it. This is intended to help our Business Members who submit a Funding Request, as well as ensuring we provide our Investor Members with high quality investment opportunities.  

What is a Funding Request?

A Funding Request is the information provided by a company to let Investor Members understand their investment opportunity. It consists of the SSEPConnect Funding Request form, together with documents the business wants to share, such as a Business Plan, Financial Projections, a Slide Deck, etc.).

What is an Angel Investor?

An angel investor (also known as a private investor, seed investor or angel funder) is a high-net-worth individual who provides financial backing for startups or small businesses. Angel investment is often for smaller amounts than Venture Capitalist (VC) investors provide and is often somewhat earlier stage than VC investment.

What is Venture Capital?

Venture Capital is a type of private equity that investors provide to early-stage companies and small businesses that they believe have strong growth potential. Venture capital typically comes from investment banks and other financial institutions. Venture capital investment is often for larger amounts than angel investors provide and is often somewhat later stage than angel investment.