Southeast Sask Economic Partnership (SSEP) announces the launch of SSEPConnect!


The Southeast Sask Economic Partnership (SSEP) has announced the launch of SSEPConnect, a website dedicated to connecting businesses seeking funding with investors. SSEPConnect’s Purpose is:

Connecting businesses seeking investment with investors interested in funding companies in our region to support economic growth and prosperity.

“This is an amazing initiative that will connect businesses seeking funding with our network of investors. The goal is to help businesses that need money find the right investor to help their business succeed. It could be an existing local business, a new business or a business wanting to relocate to the region to take advantage of all we have to offer,” said Tim Keating, Regional Economic Development Manager. 

“The site will serve as a facilitator, and it will help educate both businesses and investors.” Keating added. “This is a very innovative initiative, and it is an important part of our economic development efforts.”

Businesses seeking investment can sign up as members and submit a Funding Request for consideration. Investors can become a member and see investment opportunities and decide if they would like to invest.

For more information, please contact us.